Safe for all!

We want to be able to offer a safe place for everyone, for the scene, service user and the public.

Wittles are regression users that does not include ANY adult related topic, we are safe for ALL ages to research but also safe for our users as we don't accept children part of our scene like the ABDL scene does EG:Teen Baby(13 + users) this is simple why we do this, there still children and shouldn't be worrying about regressing back to a child.


Here at Wittles we want to also offer means for the public to educate themselve about regression, for two long people have had to fall under the ABDL scene tags and guidlines what can damage there lives because people don't understand, we aim to educate people by letting them see our scene, let them see regressing is a means to relax and let the stress of the world off your back and at times relive something missed.

Replace the old

Wittles is not another ABDL group,site or servcie, Wittles is a hole new service, a hole new way to provide a regression scene.

Time to say good bye to the old ways and find a new way to get along, ABDL as become a larger scene almost as big as BDSM it's self, its time we remove that adult world away from regression, Good bye ABDL Hello Wittles, times to play starts here.


Wittles wants everyone to enjoy themsleves within the scene and outsite, be able to be apart of society and share each others likes and dislikes, there is so much what could happen what both regression users and none regression users could do if they was able to be in the same place at the same time without hiding there likes regressing, the world has had enough wars and hate to last everyone a few life times. It's time to enjoy life.

First off, hello and welcome to Wittles, we are glad you have found this page, here you will learn what we are about but also to be helpful we will be listing the common terms used within the website about the scene and topics related to age regression.

Wittles is an age regression alternative to the older and now out of date ABDL scene, Wittles main aim is to offer a new set of standards to safeguard all of its users but also keep the public safe from unwanted adult content they now find when facing the ABDL scene. Wittles wants to be able to take the age regression scene back to its root meaning, regression, when a person would like to, A) Relive a time in there lives when they had no worries and felt safe and relaxed in there lives, B) Some people never had a childhood so they use this time now to regress back to a young age and act out what they might of missed, It is been documented that age regression can be good for stress as when you regress you are leaving the stress of the adult world behind you. Sadly the ABDL scene also has links in to it from the fetish world, from scenes like the BDSM scene and the generally accepted within the ABDL but not always a fetish the DL scene.

Wittles feels strong about removing any adult topics from the age regression world, the reason is when your a child you never worried about these topics (well we hope you didn't sadly abuse for others does happen) and was not independent on them like most adult are now, this included but not limited to sexual actions or feelings, politics or any other over the top adult related topic, these topics can be very stressful including the sexual related topics, people sometimes don't realize how stressful sex and sexual actions are, we as adults worry about it so much and worry is not something children should have to do. Also children shouldn't have to know about sexual stress until there old enough to deal with that stress, and sometimes been old enough does not just mean body age but also mental age.

G Rating Topics ONLY
Wittles wont accept topics that are adult related, all topics must be suitable for an G rating audience, this does not mean we support service users of any age, no this is just so our topics stay clean and safe for all viewing users. Our topics must be suitable for everyone to view but our service users must be 16 or over, Why? do you ask?, well this is down to the simple fact if you are still a child then you still have chance to live your childhood, there is no need two follow a scene to regress just yet. Also most websites need you to be 16 + to sign up/sign in to a written agreement or contract if you will with there service so we follow this same ruling. Wittles's other reasons for been G rating is we are not a closed scene we want the public to be able to know and even maybe help shape the Wittles world as the public is another problem within the ABDL scene.

Wittles was created by Lue Lusten (Web Dev, Administrator) & Toffee Lusten (Administrator) for all the age regression members that are now getting upset and even ill with the sexual content and in some cases the sexual abuse that some users are facing within the ABDL Scene. Some people are forgetting that even though the ABDL scene might include many fetish's the main point is regression but they feel if they have a fetish everyone else must have one and they try force sexual conversation with other users. Even though that user does not want a conversation like this they might still do it as they are scared they wont be accepted or have friends if they don't and many are still vulnerable adults so they are easy pickings for some other service users or the user tells them no and the other user creates trouble for them within other groups their part of. Wittles want's to remove this sexual/fetish stigma from the age regression scene so we have a no adult content rule all across the board.

Wittles is not just another group that uses the ABDL scene as a guideline, Wittles is its own independent scene, which has its own set of rules and guidelines that have been created with the service user in mind. Wittles hopes people will run groups under the Wittles guidelines just like they do with the ABDL guidelines, we are more strict then most scenes but we want to make all users safe and we also want the public to be able to accept or at least live side by side with a Wittles service user.

Wittles has also created it's own set off tags to support different service users, these start from your basic adult to baby tags, all the way to furry tags and caregivers, you can find out more on our tags & titles page Here.